‚ÄčArt Against Slavery and Human Trafficking


No right to touch me

"They had no right to touch me" by Myra Dracopoulos.



more than you know


Thin Line poster


Angela poster


NO Entry by Gerasimos Lorandos



Diamonds by Myra Dracopoulos


work abroad poster

FREE ME Art Installation Against Slavery and Human Trafficking. Collaboration of artists with The No Project.




FREE ME 2012 – Sofia, Bulgaria. Location: New Bulgarian University. Corporate Social Responsibility, Postbank, Bulgaria.Our heartfelt thanks.

POSTBANK BG logo for site



FREE ME - first featured in Athens Fringe Festival, June 2011.


The Bed of Lies

The Bed of Lies 'talks'. The soundtrack includesthe client speaking, insistent, urgent, menacing. 'Come on …smile… I paid for you to smile – ah that's better.' Then interrupted by a phone call from his son. 'Daddy, Daddy? Where are you? Don't forget I've got football practice tomorrow.' And a call from his wife, 'Jimmy and Maria are here for dinner'. The sound track also includes the voice and thoughts, emotions of the Victim who he was paying to rape. She cannot breathe.   The 'voices' and thoughts in the Bed of Lies soundtrack with violin and cello, left audience members deeply moved and, at times, weeping.  Bed of Lies soundtrack to be posted soon.

Little Angels


The Screen





Ismini, a 16 year old high school student created this  artwork student in response to hearing about human trafficking for the first time and watching Emma Thompson's short film, The Journey. 



'FOR SALE' (translation of sign)


Domestic Servitude: My Name is Hope


Cocoa Slavery


The Wall of Cocoa Slavery